Diet Tips

Keep a food journal or use a calorie counting app.

Recording the foods you eat daily makes it easier to see where you need to improve in your calorie intake. By keeping a food journal, you are holding yourself accountable for the things that you eat right down to the cookies you had for a snack. When you see your weaknesses, you are less likely to give in to those temptations and more likely to make a healthier food choice. To make your record-keeping easier, use a small notepad that you can take with you wherever you go. Write down your foods as you go through your day so you won’t forget anything. When you record your foods, also write down how much you ate to ensure accuracy in your daily calorie totals. We also love apps like “My Fitness Pal” available on smart phones for easy tracking!


Prepare Your Diet Plan

Review the recipes that are in our recipe section and HCG Recipe Book. Make yourself a list of items that you will need to have instock at home. Go to the grocery store before you start the diet so that you are all prepared.

Make sure that you have a digital food scale or postal scale as portion size is critical for success on the diet. This will help you measure your calorie intake of the various foods.

Create a diet diary or use the free one that is available on our site.

Make sure that you have a scale at home so that you can weigh yourself on a daily basis.

If you use cosmetic, shampoos, moisturizers and other personal care products make sure that they do not contain fats or oils. You can substitute these for water based products.

You must refrain from drinking alcohol or other intoxicants during the maintenance portion of this diet.

Be happy that you are about to look good, feel good and be proud of the success that you will achieve.