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Our customers are shedding the pounds!  Are you ready to add your testimonial to our bragging board?
Everyday we receive testimonials from our wonderful customers and reading them is the highlight of our day around the office!  However, we would love to see more pictures!  Send us your picture of 40 pounds of weight loss or more and your next bottle is on us!

Who says a facebook giveaway contest can't change your life? Jennifer Davidson from Auburn, Wa won a free bottle of hcg from HCG Weight Loss Results a little over a year ago in our Veteran's Day giveaway. Since that time she has lost over 70 pounds with our drops! Great job Jennifer! We are so proud of your success! To make sure you don't miss out on any giveaways, "like" us on facebook today!  https://www.facebook.com/HCGWeightLossResults

"I have been doing the diet for 4 weeks now and have lost 26 pounds...I feel so good and plan to do another round."
- Chanelle from Montgomery, AL

" I started the 1st round weighing 210 lbs. I finished the round at 180 lbs. I didn't follow phase 3, as I should have and gained back 14 lbs. I have a new resolve and I will be starting another round when I receive the drops.
Thank you for the amazing product and I believe I will make it to my desired weight and successfully use your advice about phase 3."
- Mike from Bristow, OK

" I lost 43 pounds in 3 months after starting the drops. And still havn't gained any of it back, I'm so happy with hcg drops.. thank you."
- Cindy from Fair Play, SC

When I started my hcg journey, I weighed 318.8lbs. I am currently down to 268.4lbs. I haven't weighed less than 283lbs in over 7 years. So needless to say, I've broken that barrier. I'm looking forward to taking off another 15-20lbs over these next 22 days of my diet. My goal is to weigh under 200lbs and I believe I can accomplish this with HCG!!!!"
- Santori from Elkins Park, PA

"I wanted to let you know that after being on the plan for 40 days I lost a total of 53 lbs.  That has been almost a year ago.  I am going to do it once again to see about losing some additional weight.  My blood pressure has improved drastically and am almost at the point where I eliminate the blood pressure medication based on the weight loss and exercise.  This product has worked well for me.  You still get to eat plenty and it makes you more aware of what you are choosing to eat."

- Rev. S. Lamb from Seneca, SC

" Started the drops on July 2, and lost 5lbs after 3 days. In 30 days, lost 19lbs and more energy than when I was 19. Had to stop the drops due to unrelated health issues and am looking forward to my second round now that all health issues have subsided. Great experience...never hungry, tons of energy and fast, effective results."
- Mona from Aiken, SC

"In January, I started HCG weighing in at 257.8 lbs and 12 weeks later, I weighed-in at 211.4.  That's a total loss of 46.4 lbs in only 12 weeks.  ABSOLUTELY AMAZING RESULTS!!!  Feeling great about myself and more motivated than ever to keep losing weight, hoping to lose an additional 40 lbs to reach my ideal weight."

"I just wanted to share my mom's story. She has been on the diet for 35 days and lost 15 pounds. Better than that she was wearing a size 14 and she called me today in tears to say she bought a skort for golf in a size 10. Those women out there know how awesome that feels."
- Customer from Long Beach, CA

"HCG is the way to go!! I have been doin this 20 days and lost 21 lbs!!! I have tried diet after diet and pill after pill!! FINALLY SOMETHING THAT WORKS!!"
- Customer from Walnut, MS

"I have lost 32 pounds and am happy to say that I have my daughter and a couple friends that I am referring to you, we are putting in another order for two of my friends to try. I just want to say THANK YOU I have been dieting for too many years and haven't had the success that this has done for me, I have lost in the past, But not the inches, Now I can SEE that inches have gone down. I still have a while to go, But I am confident that I WILL succeed this time."
 - Customer from Wasilla, AK

"I love HCG.  I lost 65 pounds in 3 rounds of HCG.  It has changed my life and taught me good eating habits."
- Customer from Layton, UT

"I have lost 50 pounds on HCG! I went from a size 22 to a 14. The drops and the fast weight loss results make it very easy. I still have a long way to go but I know I can make it now. Thank you HCGWeightLossResults.com."
- Mary from Las Vegas, NV  (SEE HER PICTURES BELOW)

     Before HCG WLR...                             After HCG WLR Diet!

"I absolutely love this product, I lost that annoying 10-15 pounds that always lingers on after dieting, and it came off in a very short time  just 3 weeks, I would highly approve the use of this product to anyone who struggles like I did with that last plateau.  You won't be sorry."
- Customer from Tampa Bay, FL

"On June , I was told by a friend about the HCG diet, but when she mentioned the 500 calories I said “I’m not that crazy”.   A couple of weeks after that conversation, I was in the mall ready to buy a pant size 40… than day  I though “this is too much, I have to stop” (my weight was 255), so I remembered the HCG diet and I decided to star it.  The first 2 days were easy, then the following days were a big challenge, in the day number 9 I was ready to quit, but when I get up into the scale, I realized that I had loosen 10 pounds in total…  picture that.. 10 pound in 9 days, who can beat that… so I though… 3 weeks more with  a 500 calories diet to lose more weight was a piece of cake… and It really was easy, today 6 weeks after I finish my first round with the HCG drops, my weight is 215 pounds, I’m using my old clothes, my pant size is 34-36… and I'm really happy and ready for my 2nd round."
-Customer from Simpsonville, SC

"Hi. Just wanted to let you know it works. I am not hungry even eating 500 calories. Just finished my bottle of drops and can not wait for round too. Lost 15 pounds and never as hard as any other diet I have tried."
- Customer from Long Beach, CA

"I have been battling with weight loss most of my life. I have tried so many diets with the last one being South Beach. I lost a good amount of weight while doing South Beach yet it did not stay off and I ended up gaining all the weight back plus some. After this, I could not get back into loosing weight and decided that I was going to be heavy for the rest of my life. I was getting depressed and started staying indoors as I didn't want anyone to see me. I started hearing some things about HCG and on the inside I was laughing at my friends who were doing this as I knew it was only a "Fad". How could a 500 cal diet be safe? Finally a friend of mine told me how she lost 24lbs and 24 inches in 24 days. OK, my mind is thinking, It might not be safe yet maybe if I could get a little weight off then I could go back and start South Beach again. I decided that I was going to research HCG as I have taken a lot of nutrition classes and knew this was not going to be safe. Well, I was wrong... after a month of research and studying Dr. Simeon's "Pounds and Inches", it all made sense on how HCG works and why it is very healthy to eat a 500 cal diet while taking HCG. I was now convinced that HCG was not a diet yet a "CURE" for those overweight. My next step was to research which company to my my drops from as there are so many companies out there. Some charging as low as $20.00 for their HCG and as high as $200.00. This took another month. Finally after researching. I decided that "HCG Weightloss Result" was the company for me. I bought my first bottle in July. I was so excited to try this and since then have never been disappointed. I have now done 3 Rounds and all together have lost 78lbs, 31 inches and have gone from a 22 pants size down  to a 14/12. Am I happy? Do I believe this works? YOU BET!!! HCG is one of the best things that have even happened to me. I can now see myself obtaining my ultimate goal. I still have more weight to loose yet I have not gained any of my weight back that I released. I have no cravings nor do I need any will power to do this program. It is one of the easiest things I have ever done. I am loving my new body. I have my self-esteem back and enjoy shopping for clothes. If you think this is a fad or that others could do it yet you can not, give it a try. If I can do it so can you. HCG is THE answer to yours and mine WEIGHT LOSS CURE!"

If I can do this, so can YOU!
- Lynnda from Wasilla, Alaska

"Dear HCG,
 I was very skeptical when I started my first round of drops. To my happy surprise I lost 6 pounds the first day! My weight loss continued every day. I was not hungry like I thought I would be. I actually enjoyed all the foods I ate. While on this plan I was able to change some of my bad eating habits...giving up soda, refined sugar, and processed foods! I lost 26 pounds total in THREE WEEKS! I'm getting ready to begin round two and I am excited to see my transformation. Thank you so much for this solution to weight loss. After years of dieting I finally feel like I am in control!!"
- HCG Weight Loss Results Customer

"Greetings From Snowy Minnesota:
I thought you might like an update.  We finished our first round with the HCG drops and I must say, This product is truly amazing!!! Jenny and I did this together and while we were working on our first round, I told my brother (Neal) and a friend (Wade) about the product.  They both gave it a try and had great results too.  Here is how the first round turned out:
Jenny made it through 36 days and lost 26 pounds!  The rest of us did 42 days; Neal lost 35 pounds, Wade lost 30 and I lost 61 pounds ... That is a total of 152 pounds for 4 people! If I hadn't actually experienced this I don't think I would believe it, but it really happened.  I also took measurements to see where I would be loosing the weight; I lost 6.5 inches from my waist, 4.5-inches from hips, 4-inches from chest, 3-inches from each thigh, and 2-inches off each biceps.
At 6'-6" tall, my starting weight was 365 pounds and at day 42, I tipped the scale at 304 pounds. I have included a before/after photo for your uses to encourage others about great this system is.  It might also help others to know a little bit more about why I'm so happy to share about the miraculous results that I have experience.  In my younger days I was a strong as an ox and moved more fridges/freezers, furniture and pianos that I can count. Now, 3 spine surgeries, 2 shoulder jobs later, plus a car accident and several rounds of nerve burnings later, I have found that at age 44, it had become too painful to exercise or even walk for more that 1/4 mile.  Trying to loose weight by diet alone was not working and I was slowly gaining weight.
Now that I've dropped this much weight, I have more endurance before the pain levels force me to stop. I was even able to hunt pheasants with my sons this fall!  It is hard to put into words how much your product has changed my life and my prospects for being more active in the years to come. 
Thank you again for your product and all of the great support you have provided.  I'm ready to start round two and looking forward to reaching my goal this year."
Best Regards, 

   Paul on Easter 2011 before HCG Weight Loss Results

 Paul & his family Christmas 2010. Down 61 Lbs!


"I am very happy with my weight loss results so far, I lost 30lbs. during the 1st phase and am going to start the 2nd at the end of Jan. and hope to lose another 30-40 to reach my goal.  I was surprised by how full I felt on such few calories.  My wife said throughout the 6 weeks I seemed lighter in mind and body.  I wasn't bogged down by all the processed food and sugar.  Thank you for helping me to regain my energy."
- Customer in Minneapolis, MN


"I have struggled with my weight since I became a teenager. I have tried
EVERYTHING there is. But nothing ever worked. I decided to give HCH a try.
HCG has given me the results that I've been wanting. I went from 253 to 203
in 8 months in several rounds . I have not gained any weight back, I've
maintained the weight off. I started again in January 2011 and my goal is to
lose 30 more pounds. It is a journey but very do able. If I can do it,
anyone can do it. I owe it all to HCG. I am very pleased with your product
and have recommended your website to anyone that asks how I did it. Please
see the attached pictures."
- Delva T. from Grand Prairie, TX  (SEE BEFORE AND AFTER PICTURES BELOW)

  Delva Before



"The first picture of myself (Kathy) was taken right before I started my first round of hcg weight loss drops.  I weighted 218 pounds in this picture.  I am very happy to say that three rounds later I weight 155 pounds.  I feel great! The diet is easy to follow.  There are no side effects.  I recommend this diet tpo everyone its terrific. I plan to loose another 30 pounds.  The weight stays off!  I have gone nemerous weeks in-between rounds.  This is the Best Diet I have ever been on and yes, I have tried several diets."

   Kathy at the beginning of her journey. 

 The new Kathy, 63 pounds lighter!  Looking good Kathy!


"To everyone at HCG Weight Loss Results,

     I extend my extreme thanks and gratitude for a great product, and dare I say, a great service.  I completed my first six-week round of using your hCG product about six weeks ago, and I am amazed and completely satisfied with the result.  Unbelievable, is the word I and others have used to describe my weight loss.  I have been trying to drop a considerable amount of weight for the past twenty years or more, to no avail.  Every diet I had been on, up until now, was completed with great effort and time, only to be countered with weight gain again in the end.  This diet was completely different (thank God).  It was incredibly simple.  All I did was follow the instructions outlined in Dr. Simeon's manuscript and in the "Diet Plan" sections of your website.  That's it!  That's all!  I experienced hardly any hunger, but best of all I didn't have to exercise; just the normal unplanned walks I like to take spread throughout the day.  I went from 244 lbs down to 201 lbs and a size 42 waist down to a size 34.  I'm a happy camper and I'm ready to lose another 40 lbs during the upcoming second round; which I will be starting shortly.  All my friends and colleagues at work asked what kind of diet I was on.  I never brought it up first, but they apparently noticed the rapid weight loss and got curious.  I would, and have, recommended this protocol for losing weight to anyone interested in a very effective way to lose weight without much effort or discomfort.  It's a no-brainer.  This has been the best personal investment I have made, for the money, in my life.  Please, see the attached before and after pictures.


P.S. - Also, one of the side effects of successfully completing the protocol is that I have been able to completely get off all the prescribed medication I was taking for high blood pressure and angina due to atherosclerosis.  All that has changed now!  I feel like it's a miracle.  I was just looking to lose the weight, but I got a great bonus in the bargain.  Sweeeet!!!"

Ron before losing over 40 pounds.

  Ron after losing over 40 lbs with his 1st round of drops!  Way to go!


"Just wanted to let you know that I was amazed how this diet really woked. My goal was to loose about 15 lbs. My weight was at 167 lbs when I started I had to stay on it for 28 days to reach my goal probably because I was not overweight that much. I followed your instructions for the six weeks after. It is now almost 3 months later and I am keeping  my weght around 151 - 154 lbs.  I started on 8-7-10 and it is now 11-8-10. I have been trying to get below 160 for the last 15 years and no diet has ever worked but this one and I was never hungry at all. 
Thanks for the help and have a great day."
- Customer from Pahrump, NV

"Hi,I was just emailing a friend about my success using your HCG drops and
encouraged her to check out your site.
I have, like so many others, gained and lost, gained and lost weight all my
life. I have been overweight since I was five when I got hit by a bread truck
and could not be active for a couple of years. Needless to say, I used/abused
food for comfort. I am sixty-five now and generally in good health, (low thyroid) 
but I still was carrying around about sixty pounds I didn't need. I do landscaping
for a living so I'm well toned, but the weight was especially hard on my knees .
On your drops I let go of thirty pounds easily in forty days. They knocked out my
appetite for the most part and even tamed my emotional appetite for food. On my
six weeks off, I did regain 5.5 pounds because I honestly did not follow your
phase 3 religiously and was also reaching for food when I was tired or did not want
to deal with some emotional issue. This emotional abuse of food is obviously
something I still need to do alot of work on.
Anyway, I was excited to go back on the drops on Saturday for my second round.
I am already down four of those gained pounds and am looking forward to the loss
of another thirty in the next forty days. This program works! I have shrunk and feel lots
better. My husband likes the results, too!
If any of you reading this have doubts about the drops working, don't. They work if you follow
the diet. I would encourage you all to read Dr. Simeon's manuscript, too. It really puts the
diet in its historical context. He did his homework and figured out the how much, the what kind,
and the why of foods that are on the diet. I, in fact, reread the manuscript and the different
phases of the diet constantly to keep my adherence to the diet as strict as I can.
Will keep you posted on my second round. As of tonight, I am one happy camper, and if I,
at 65, can do the diet, pretty much anyone can. 
You will succeed.
Go for it."
- Customer from Sagle, ID

" I have lost over 45 lbs and have referred several people to your site. I still have another 60-80 lbs that I would like to lose. I am a local DJ in Olympia and people have made mention of my weight loss. My mom bought and sent out my first bottle. I would like to be added as a customer. Please contact me and send out my second bottle as soon as possible. This has changed my life. I have back problems and they have decreased and my energy level has increased. I have been off for over a month and was terrifeied of putting weight back on, but I have only varied about 5lbs during a month during my cycle. This is a life saver and I am VERY HAPPY WITH YOUR PRODUCT. As I said before, I send everyone I know with weight issues to your site and My 4.5 star husband has came up with GREAT recipes to help me stay on track! Please contact my soon. Thank you!"  *BEFORE AND AFTER PICTURES SHOWN BELOW*
- Customer from Olympia, WA
Charity before her first round of HCG
Read her testimony above.

Charity after her first round of HCG!
Down more than 45 pounds and looking great!

"My son is getting married in a week and I purchase a dress on line a few weeks ago in what I thought was my size. I received it and of course it was too tight. I had put on more weight than I realized. I figured 20 pounds would be enough for the dress to fit because I sure didn't want to buy another dress. I did a round of HCG and dropped 26 pounds! The dress fits great! I still have another 30 - 40 to lose and will be doing another round after the wedding, but I am pleased with my results so far! Thank you HCG!"
- Customer from White Bear Lake, MN


"I have always been a big person I have tried diets after diets and none have really given me great results, either due to my lack of wanting to or the diet just not working. When I would get to a certain point I would plateau and give up that would put me back where I was and sometimes worse shape than what I was. Around 18 years ago I had developed type II diabetes and then came along cholesterol problems which was scary, but I would go to the doctor and listen and agree with him or her then walk out the door and do exactly what I wasn't supposed to do. The doctor told me one day that by 50 I would have a heart attack and other complication. Being overweight is something that sometimes people bring on their selves they use food to take care of problems I use to do that myself get depressed and head for the fast food places, over the years has paid it's toll on me. March of this year I was talking with one of the HCG customers (Mayor Dan) at a benefit I seen Dan talking to someone and since the last time I had seen him he had lost a considerable amount of weight I actually thought something was wrong, I went and talked with him and he gave me the website to go to told me some info on how it work, so the following Monday I ordered my drops I told my self it's just 60.00 I have blowed more on worse I figured just like all the rest but why not it worked for him. My highest weight a year ago was around 370 lbs I have gradually lost down January 2010 I weighed 342 lbs. I new I was going on the drops so I cut back two weeks prior to starting on 3-26-10 I started my drops I weighed 321.4 lbs., as of 7-23-10 I weigh 253.8 lbs I have lost 67.6 lbs. on the drops. I had to go to the doctor for my A1C check-up in January it was around 9.8 when the doctor came in he was amazed my A1C was 6.2. I am off my cholesterol meds, and my diabetes meds, I still monitor my levels but it feels great. Everyone that is overweight knows how life has it's journey people treat you different and it makes it tough sometimes there is an answer and I have found it with this diet. People come to me everyday wanting to know what I have done to lose and I give them the website to go to I have a lot of friends who have gotten on since they have seen me lose, helping someone better their life is a wonderful feeling. The biggest thing I tell them if you are ready to lose this works you have to get it in your head you want to lose thats what I have done. Going to a resteraunt and setting in a booth and look at the floor is remarkable. If you are ready to lose weight this is the best and most economical diet I have ever done for those who are on it, keep up the good work and if you are starting don't get discouraged and quit you will have slow days but the end results is the best feeling you will ever receive. Donnie White Seneca, SC"

   Donnie before he lost almost 70 pounds!

  Donnie after his weight loss!  Great job Donnie!

"After using HCG drops and going by the diet as ordered. In my first 7 days I droped 12 lbs. It is a great success for me, the greatest thing is you see results each day and thats very encouraging. I feel I can reach my goal in Phase 1. Order yours now and get started with a new you!!"
- Customer from Westminster, S.C.

"I lost 18 lbs so far on hcg! I'm ready to order my second bottle for my second round. I hope to loose another 15 lbs to reach my goal weight! So many of my family & friends have purchased drops from you because they want to know my diet secret & I send them here!!! Thank you!"
- Customer from Zachary, LA
“The level of service at HCG Weight Loss Results is fantastic.  I have lost an amazing 15 pounds in my first 6 days!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
- Customer from Bella Vista, AR

I have lost 20 pounds in 16 days without the normal headaches and fatigue I have experience on other diets. My George Foreman grill and treadmill are finally getting a great workout. HCG is great! A Happy Customer in South Carolina."
- Customer from SC

"Here is my Picture from Jan10 and then on Feb 20!!!  44 LBS!!!!!  I also currently have lost 55 lbs.  I have lost an additional 11 lbs on the phase 3!!!  AWESOME!!! "  (SEE BILLY'S BEFORE AND AFTER PICTURES BELOW!)
- Customer from Seneca, SC

 Billy shed 44 pounds in 40 days!

"I lost 20 pds in two weeks! Yayyyyyyyyyy!"
- Customer from Detroit, MI

"After using HCG drops and going by the diet as ordered. In my first 7 days I droped 12 lbs. It is a great success for me, the greatest thing is you see results each day and thats very encouraging. I feel I can reach my goal in Phase 1. Order your now and get started with a new you!!"
- Customer from Westminster, SC
"I lost 20 pounds in 21 days. I am so excited. I am anxious to lose the last twenty pounds. The drops are great."
- Customer from Cummings, GA
“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. HCG Weight Loss Results was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding.  The drops are everything I hoped for.  I have lost an average of 1 pound per day since starting the diet.  I feel better than ever and am surprised that I am not hungry at all!  I often have to make myself eat dinner.  Buying the drops from HCG Weight Loss Results was the best  thing I have done for myself in many years!”
- Customer from Jane, MO
"Thanks so much. lost 25 pounds! Life is good!"
- Customer from Taylors, SC
"Today, 9 days into the diet I am wearing a pair of shorts my wife bought me over 1 year ago that were too tight. I have struggled with my weight my whole life and for a short time I beat it. I lost over a hundred pounds to join the Marines. 10 years after getting out and had doubled in size and ballooned to 437 lbs. Hopelessness, despair, depression followed. Life no longer exciting and a struggle to get through. I know its only been a week but the way I feel is amazing. I have energy I havn't felt in years. My mind is racing with the chance of truly LIVING life again. My goal is to be under 400 by Christmas and if the way my clothes are fitting is any indicator we are are our way. Thank you for turning me on to this diet. At first I thought it would go the same way as all the other diets, I was dead wrong. "
- Customer from Noel, MO

" I am writing to let you know that I love your product!!  I was very skeptical at first, but wow!  I have lost over 43 lbs and have dropped 3 sizes, in just over a month!!  My friend actually sent me my first bottle because I never would have even tried it!!  I am so thankful to her for her insight and you for your fantastic weight loss system!  Now I refer other friends, and they can't believe the difference in me!"

  Joanna before shedding over 40 pounds.

 Joanna's After Picture, 3 Sizes Smaller!

"I have lost twenty pounds since the Saturday before thanksgiving i lost 4 lbs first day 3,3,2,1,2,2,1,2 in that order. I have not cheated much only cooked with onions then ate another vegetable usually eat a few strawberries or apple after supper also if i don't feel good in morning I might eat part of apple. So far I am very pleased. I weighed 358.8 on the 3rd day on drops. This morning I weighed 338.8. Total of 13 days."
- Customer from Seneca, SC
"Thanks for helping so many of us change our lives. You awesome!!!!!!! Praying God's blessing on you and yours."
- Customer from Joplin, MO
"Drops arrived in 4 days. Item size was well worth the money!"
- Customer from Titusville, FL
"Hello I have been on the diet for seventeen days started at 288.3 lbs. today I weigh in at 255.0 "
- Customer from Seneca, SC
"I started my first round of hcg being very skeptical but at the same time very excited. In 25 days I lost 25 lbs! Needless to say I was excited and telling everyone.  I am ready to start my next round and am very excited! I will get to my desired weight on hcg,this stuff is amazing! Believe you can do it and you can!"
- Customer from Knob Noster, MO

My aunt ordered me my first bottle and after 25 days I am down 30 lbs. love your product...love it, love it, love it."
- Customer from Westminster, SC
"WOW! 17 lbs down the first 10 days on the program. A total of 31 lbs in 6 weeks. Had I not cheated I know it would have been more. Ready for another round as I have musch more to lose."
- Customer from Denton, TX

"I lost 22lbs in 22days. I didn't crave sugar (big for me). It was very easy to follow the diet. It was also fun discovering different was to add flavor to my meals. Eliminating sugar has allowed my tongue to enjoy my foods more."
- Customer from Buford, GA

"I have been on the diet as I am sure you knew.  I have lost 20.5 #'s and I am on day 12."
- Customer from Pineville, MO

"I am currently at day 35 of my Round 1 of HCG. I will be ending at day 40 and then begin the protocol for cycling the HCG out of my system which will last approximately 6 weeks.
I am so very pleased with my weight loss. I have lost 22 pounds to date and I still have much more to lose on this journey.  I don't think my sacrifice has been any different than the rest of the you, but I really applaud myself for sticking with it through the holidays.  My friends and family said that I picked the worst time ever to diet, but it has taught me discipline and given me confidence again. The confidence has come from not having to wear baggy clothes at family gatherings during the holidays. I love how I am looking and frankly I don't struggle with food cravings anymore.  Why just yesterday I baked a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting for my husband with no temptation.
I read somewhere that someone would say to themselves, " I know what that tastes like," when the temptation was there to stray. Well I tried it and it worked for a minute. Now I say," I know what that looks like!" In case you didn't get it, I know what carrot cakes looks like on my body and frankly I can do without it.
This is a lifestyle change. Reinvent your relationship with food. You are in control.
Happy HCGing!"
-Customer from Memphis, TN
"I have been on the HCG diet for about 3 weeks and LOVE IT!"
- Customer from Joplin, MO
"I have lost almost 20 pounds and still losing..love love love HCG."
- Customer from Seneca, SC
"Thank you so much. I lost 41/2 lbs the first day, I am so excited. Again thank you so much for your help!"
-Customer from Toccoa, GA
"I started my diet on 12/11/09 at 288.3 pounds stay on the drop for 40 days and weigh in at 237 pounds. I still watch what I eat on my 53rd day I weigh in at 229 . Thanks for changing my life Total of 59 pounds LOST My brother has lost 61 pounds also. We help each other a lot. Together we have told a lot of people about HCG Thank Again. - Mayor Dan " 
- Customer from Seneca, SC
"Thank you, thank you, thank you for offering your product at a price that the common person can afford.  I am on day 25 and have lost 32 pounds.  I feel wonderful and look better than the day I got married."
-Customer from Incline Village, NV

I have tried others, but you can't beat the service and the price here. I like the 4 oz bottles where most sell the 1 oz and you have to keep buying them at higher prices.   HCG Weight Loss has some the best stuff on the market. Everyone else tries to sell smaller 1 oz bottles for the same size. Don't be fooled. Stick with this site. It is the best product that I have found. That is why I keep coming back!"
- Customer from Ogden, UT

" In spite of my giving into temptations last weekend, I have lost 22 pounds (in 18 days)!   Thanks for your help and support!
- Customer from Seneca, SC
"I am getting ready to complete my 42 days using the HCG drops.  I have lost 37 lbs. during that time and am extremely pleased with my results."
- Customer from Travelers Rest, SC
" I have lost  39 pounds in 30 days!  My husband is amazed  with my results and so am I!  I have been telling anyone that will listen  to me about this diet!"
- Customer from Seattle, WA
"I have lost 46 lbs. on the phase one of the diet.  Will start another round in 3 wks.  I am really excited to get back to it!!!!"
- Customer from Trenton, Fl
"WOW!  I have been on this program for only 8 days.  I have lost 13 pounds!  This is GREAT! "
- Customer from Greenville, SC
"My husband and I have been on the program since March 8. (8 days ago)  He has lost 9lb and I have lost 11lb.  We sure like the program and I have given your sight to several people.  I hope they will follow thru and get on this program.  Just wanted to let you know how we were doing."
-Customer from Royston, GA
"Morning, thought I would give you a update on my progress I gained 5 lbs. on my gouging days I started 13 days ago at 293 I weighed in today  at 277. It seems to be easier this time. I have lost a total of 84 lbs.since I started the diet. Dan is doing good  maintaining his weight."
- Customer from Seneca, SC 
" Hi Christina! I thought you might enjoy this one!  Before I started the HCG diet, I checked with my primary care physician for his thoughts on the diet. As you might imagine, being an MD, he was skeptical, to say the least. This might be a good time to say that he is as big or bigger than I was at that time. He finally said it couldn't hurt to try the diet.  Yesterday, I went back to him for a checkup. When his nurse put me on the scales, it was a Kodak moment! I had lost 51 pounds since my last visit!Before I left, both the doctor and his nurse asked me to give them your website!Thanks for all your help and support!"
- Customer from Seneca, SC
"I have lost 29 pounds in 31 days.  I can't wait to start my next round.  It took me a few months to lose that much with Phenetermine and I felt bad & couldn't sleep while on it.  With hcg, I feel really good and sleep good too."
- Customer from Pittsburg, KS
"This is a miracle. I've lost 12 pounds in 12 days and it is so easy. I am never hungry and it is fun to get on the scale each morning."
-Customer from McKinney, TX
"Hello, I received my order last week, and just wanted to say thank you! As of this morning, I'm down 10 pounds in 5 days! I'm so happy that I've finally found a product that gives the results that so many others promise. This "jump start" has given me the motivation I need to stick to it. I finally feel like my goal of losing 30 pounds is achievable. Again, thank you for your prompt delivery and outstanding product. Sincerely, Kelly"
- Customer from Kansas City, MO
"I lost 16 Pounds in 14 days! :) "
- Customer from Seneca, SC
"I am thrilled with your product.  I have lost 9 lbs. in fourteen days and previously I would have had to starve and and lose that much weight."
- Customer from Cumming, GA

"Thanks to you, I have my life back.  I have lost 42 pounds thus far.  I am never hungry and my love affair with food has been replaced by my love affair with life.  After my first round, I joined a gym and hired a personal trainer.  It has truly been wonderful.  I bought my daughter a bottle and she has lost 45 pounds.  My boss has lost 30 pounds after ordering from you.  This has been great!  Thank you, thank you, thank you."
Retta's Before Picture

Retta after losing over 40 lbs
with HCG Weight Loss Results drops!

"I am on day 18 of the drops and day 16 on the diet and have lost a whopping 24 lbs so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am so HAPPY!!!  I have a lot farther to go in this journey, but you have helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel!  Thank you!!!! 
If you are thinking of trying this awesome program...think no more!  Buy it, commit a mere 42 days and give it a try.... you have nothing to lose...but weight and inches!!!!!
- Customer from Saint Robert, MO
"I lost 28 pounds!  I am ready to start again."
- Customer from N. Miami Beach, FL
"I am glad to report that I have lost 9.8 lbs 6 full days into my hcg diet."
- Customer from Jonesboro, GA
'WOW!! Am I excited! This is working! So happy to tell that I've lost 20 lbs in 16days! I can fit back into the jeans I couldn't squish into 2 weeks ago. Thank YOU!!"
- Customer from West Linn, OR
"I've lost 24 lbs and I'm shocked at how my body now looks. I feel like a new person and my energy is amazing. Life is good again."
- Customer from Corona, CA
"Phase 2 was easier to follow than I initially thought.  My weightloss totaled 35 pounds."
- Customer from Polson, MT
"I have lost a total of 21 pounds and I still have about 15 days left to go on 42 day session. I am so excited. I finally found something that works."
- Customer from Glenelg, MD
"This is great!!! 30lbs. in 32 days and counting! I feel great, no hunger, no fatigue or loss of energy. This is the easiest and fastest diet i've ever seen."
- Custmer from Westminster, SC
"Since I started the HCG diet program, 3 weeks ago I have lost 20 pounds and have quit needing medication to control my blood sugar. This alone is fantastic."
- Customer from Lindale, TX
"I have lost a total of 28 lbs. with the HCG Drops. Also, we have referred at least 20 people to your website and they are all losing weight and sharing ideas and encouragement. My wife has lost 18 lbs."
- Customer from Clinton, LA
"This is the most amazing product I have ever come across.  I have lost weight that has slowed me for years and now thanks to HCG I have lost over 30lbs and now have my life back.  I can't thank you enough.  I'm amazed every day I look in the mirror."
- Customer from Corona, CA
"What an awesome company! I tried a sample from another company and it was watered down. I didn't lose anything. I will only buy from here. It has the best service and honest prices. I lost 30 lbs on my first bottle and can't wait to start again."
- Customer from Ogden, UT
"One of my friends told me about this. I have been having a hard time trying to lose weight on my own with just diet and excersie. So I tried this and I lost 20lbs on my 1st semester!! Finally finding something that work is a blessing. I still have more to lose but I'm on my way to the finish line, thank you!!!!"
- Customer from Carthage, MO

My wife and I decided to to this program after seeing Mayor Dan's success. I gained 8 pounds gorging. Since starting on Sunday, I'm down 7 pounds. Best of all, I'm not hungry! I'm blogging every day at TripleExtralarge.blogspot.com about my weight loss."
- Customer from Walhalla, SC
"I have done it all to lose weight..and for the first time found MAJOR success... I am on round 2 and have lost 41 lbs. in 2 months (incl. a 6 week maint.)..thank you!"
- Customer from Deerfield Beach, FL
"I lost 28 lbs. On my first round of drops. I am about to start my second round on Sunday . I have maintained 24. My hemoglobin a1c has not been normal for 6 years w/o meds. It was 5.3 two weeks ago!!! That is a nondiabetic #!!! I have been off of my metformin for 5 months. Start weight 190 end at162. Daily I still fluctuate a little more than I would like but hopefully the next round will take care of that!!"
- Customer from St. Francisville, LA
"I started the HCG diet on June 01, 2010- I have lost to date (22 days later) 22 pounds- I am tickled..."
- Customer from Tulsa, OK

"I'm so happy with the HCG program! I lost 20 lbs in 20 days!"
Molly Before
"I'm a believer! 20 lbs in 20 days! I could hardley fit into my size 12's ! I made the purchase & received the product just before "Spring Break". 20 days later I had lost 20 lbs! Now in a size 6!! People can't believe their eyes! I shrunk! I 've lost 20 inches overall! Before you start take your measurements ~ after 20 days take them again! Motivation!!"

"I am very pleased that I have lost 17 pounds in my first 21 days on the drops. It is incredible! This includes 2 weekend parties, which thanks to the excellent recommendations from customer service , helped me get through those with minimal damage! What amazed me was that it was no problem getting back on this diet, even when I deviated slighly during the party. I had no regrets and the weight keeps coming off! Thank you so much! I CAN REACH MY GOAL ON THIS DIET!!!"
- Customer from Riverside, CA
"I have already gone down a size in clothes.My doctor is happy with me.  Gave him a copy of this diet also."
- Customer from Highlands, NC
"I have never been able to stick to any diet before the drops. Tomorrow is day 22 & I am down 23 pounds. Yay me! It can be you. It is a wonderful feeling!!!"
- Customer from Westminster, SC

"Just wanted to give you an update on Gary and myself. We are doing great Gary has lost 100lbs. and I have lost 80lbs and friend of ours whose name is Roger has lost 61lbs..He told me today that he was going on the second round of drops. Go Roger Go! I just want to wish you and yours a HAPPY EASTER and May God bless you."
-Mayor Dan  (Mayor Dan and his brother have been an encouragement to so many people!)
The Before Picture of the Alexander Brothers.

The After Picture of Mayor Dan. 
He has lost 80 pounds and has
encouraged many others with his
life changing experience. 
His brother has lost 100 pounds!
We are hoping for an after picture of
him soon!
Great job Alexander Brothers!

The After Picture of Gary.
We are so proud of Gary, he
has lost OVER 100 POUNDS in
There is a healthy, non-surgical way
to lose weight and Gary is a walking
Thank you Gary for encouraging so many people!

"I had a close friend of mine that ordered your product several months ago. Because of her busy schedule she was not able to commit to your product the way she wanted to. So instead of letting the product just sit around she decided to give it to me. All I could say was "Thank you". I had never heard of your product until she offered it to me and again all I can say to you is "Thank you". It was less than a half of an order of your HCG weight loss results product and along with my regular daily exercise routine I lost almost 10 pounds in no time at all. I was really impressed with your product and that is why I am placing an order for myself."
- Customer from Southfield, MI
"I have been taking the drops for 20 days and have lost 18 pounds!! I plan on going the whole 42 days but I thought you'd like to know how I'm doing. I also enjoy the fact I'm eating real food and not processed food. Thank you so much!"
- Customer from Puyallup, WA
"I have to say this stuff is amazing. I'm going to start my 2nd round soon and cant wait to see how much more weight I will lose. On my first round I lost over 30 lbs. I'm well on my way to my goal weight."
- Customer from Las Vegas, NV
"I am over sixty and have struggled with my weight for about 30 years. I lost 20 pounds in 6 weeks on HCG drops and have kept it off for 3 months and I am now ready for round 2 and another 20 pounds."
- Customer from Walla Walla, WA

"I started this diet weighing in at 255lbs. I now weigh 210lbs. You all saved my life, i was down to my last resort on how to lose my weight. i was about to just give up. I should be at my goal weight by the end of the year. Thank you all so much!!!!!"
- Customer from Carthage, MO
"I have tried hcg diet from a Naturalpaths office with less success. I received less info and used shots. This method of drops is much more covenient and the website is much more helpful with all the great recipes, helpful information, and encouraging support."
- Customer from Anthem, AZ 

Disclaimer: Weight-loss results will always vary for individuals, depending on the individual’s physical condition, lifestyle, and diet. Testimonials on this site came from real customers who were not paid for their statements. But these testimonials are based on the experiences of a few people and you may not have similar results. Always consult your physician before making any dietary changes or starting any nutrition, weight control or exercise program. Our products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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